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2 LBS Brown Sugar Substitute

2 LBS Brown Sugar Substitute

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Introducing our Brown Sugar Substitute made with golden erythritol (a mixture of natural fruits and kabocha) and monk fruit extract. Crafted to deliver a rich, caramelized sweetness without any calories, this unique blend is a suitable brown sugar alternative.

100% Natural Ingredients: Made with the highest quality Golden Erythritol (Mixture of Natural Fruits and Kabocha) and pure Monk Fruit extract.

Zero Calories & Zero Carbs: Enjoy guilt-free sweetness, perfect for ketogenic, diabetic, and low-carb diets.

No Bitter Aftertaste: Our unique blend ensures a smooth and satisfying sweet taste without the bitterness commonly associated with natural sweeteners.

Non-GMO & Gluten-Free: Produced with h standards, ensuring a pure product free from genetically modified organisms and gluten.

Perfect for Cooking and Baking: Dissolves seamlessly in hot or cold beverages and offers caramelized sweetness in baked goods.

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